Making connections: systems solutions to complex problems

Systems Science Center Team Meeting

Argonne’s Systems Science Center (SSC) is committed to advancing systems science and developing integrated computational analytical solutions that increase our understanding of physical, social, economic, and technological interrelationships; anticipate future conditions; and support decision making and policy making in complex environments.

We believe that many of the complex and enduring threats to our nation’s safety and security are best addressed through holistic approaches that integrate scientific excellence, technological innovation, and a focus on customer needs. Our vision is to be the preeminent laboratory for developing and applying advanced systems methodologies to deliver exceptional value to our customers.

We are highly collaborative – reaching across government research organizations, industry, and academia to assemble powerful interdisciplinary teams.

Focus Areas

Integrated Analytics

Systems approaches to addressing complex problems often require a mix of methodologies and analytic tools. We build upon our strengths in simulation science, data science, and systems integration to advance analytical science and drive the development of innovative hybrid and multi-paradigm tools that meet the needs of decision makers.

Social & Behavioral Systems

Human behavior is a critical component of both the systems that comprise and support global security and those that threaten it. We combine social science expertise and methods with targeted simulation and analysis strategies (e.g., agent-based modeling and social network analysis) to develop tools that capture the elements of human action and interaction that drive micro-and macro-level system outcomes.

Complex Physical Systems

We advance the understanding and prediction of complex systems that are governed by the laws of physical sciences for energy, defense and national security applications. We develop and use multi-scale and multi-physics models, algorithms and computational tools for the simulation, analysis and visualization of physical systems’ complexity and dynamics.

We are proud of our proven success in developing and delivering systems-based solutions to pressing problems in a broad range of areas such as energy systems, healthcare/health/infectious diseases, business and market performance, military operations, social and cultural group interactions and conflict, environment and natural resources, aviation security, supply chains, and transnational and urban crime.

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