Welcome to the Global Security Sciences (GSS) Division at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory.

Todd Combs
GSS Director
Operating as a vibrant, interdisciplinary research community, GSS researchers find solutions to protect, mitigate, respond to, and recover from a wide spectrum of national and global security threats.

We believe an interdisciplinary, all-threat approach enhances our ability to deliver insightful, rigorous solutions to the most pressing, challenging global security risks and issues of our time.

GSS is driven by Argonne-wide principles:

  • Conducting focused, mission-driven research
  • Providing visionary science
  • Delivering game-changing innovation
High-Performance Computer Modeling
Climate Modeling
Infrastructure Assessment
Integrated Social Science
Capacity Building
Vulnerability Assessment
Technology and Methods Development
Trade Analysis and Control
Chem-Bio Security
Emergency Preparedness
Information Systems Development and
Emergency Preparedness Technology
Radiological Detection
Infrastructure Science
Cyber Analysis and Operations
Threat Analysis
Emergency Preparedness
Social/Behavioral Sciences
Natural Sciences
Foresight Studies
Network Analysis
Operations research
Data science
Modeling and simulation
Software development

Interested in collaborating with GSS?

GSS is home to four centers with cross-cutting capabilities: Risk and Infrastructure Science Center (RISC), Center for Integrated Resilience Analyses (CIRA), Systems Science Center (SSC), and Center for Strategic Security (CSS). Learn more about our research and development.